After newest update, editor constantly crashes

Ever since I updated to the latest edition of 4.7, the editor has been crashing constantly, at least 1-3 times per hour. Each crash, I’ve been submitting the error report to Epic :\ Is it only me or is anyone else having the same issues?

It seems all pretty random, doing different things, as I have been trying to narrow it down, but no luck so far.

Here is the latest in many:

Hi SaviorNT,

What is the timeframe on your first and latest crash with this callstack? Also can you please copy the MachineID that is listed when you crash?

I’ve searched our crash submission database and haven’t found any crash reports from you. Are you sure that you have Windows error reporting enabled, or you don’t have something enabled which may be blocking the report submission?

I’d like to identify why we don’t appear to have any crash submissions by you. Also, I have searched for this callstack, and I have not found any other submissions from any other users experiencing it.


Looked at the services, the error reporting was stopped and put on manual; which in theory, should start the service any time it’s needed - however, I went ahead and set it to auto - start. As far as any firewall settings, I don’t have anything Unreal set to block the traffic, so I hope Windows isn’t auto-blocking it.

Looking at the crash logs from today, there was one at (EST) 16:39, 17:44, 19:19, 19:26
Yesterday was at 01:53 - crash = sleep :stuck_out_tongue:
3/18: 22:21, 22:34, 22:40

Is there an easy way to get the MachineID or will it pop up when I crash again?

edit: I should also note that it is crashing on multiple projects, although, alot of assets are being re-used between them.

I wanted to chime back, last night during my last post, I performed a verify on the Engine. After I did that, the editor did not crash. There may have been a file(s) that got corrupted during the download. I will continue looking out though.


Crashed again, 3/22/2015 - 00:32: Deleting an asset

Hey SaviorNT,

Thanks for the MachineID, I was able to locate your crashes with it. To answer your question, that ID is also referenced in your project log under LogAnalytics: SetUserId.

I actually see three recent unique crashes from you. The one you mentioned [UE4Editor_BlueprintGraph! FBlueprintActionDatabase::RefreshAssetActions()] is something we already have reported as UE-7477 and we recently escalated due to it appearing more frequently among our users. (I’m not positive why my initial search did not turn up results from the other users. Though I think I’ve identified an issue with searching our database I need to get resolved)

Another crash you’ve experienced (deleting an asset) [UE4Editor_CoreUObject! FSerialNumberManager::GetAndAllocateSerialNumber()] does seem to be growing in frequency among users. My team is looking into it now for more information, and we will be logging a report for it shortly. (edit: UE-12387)

Your third crash [UE4Editor_CoreUObject! StaticFindObject()] is much more rare, and has only happened a handful of times. It appears to be an issue that occurs during auto-save.

If you have any information on viable reproduction steps we could take to cause these crashes to occur for us, it would be immensely helpful in tracking down the cause and getting it fixed.

Thanks for bringing these to my attention.

P.S. - For future issues, and for others reading this post - please submit any inquiries about crashes you are experiencing to the Bug Reports section of the AnswerHub. This provides us with a better workflow to track and troubleshoot the issues. Thanks!

I was wondering if you want users to submit crash reports in general? Because basically i do not crash that often and when it happens i often consider it minor, thus not sending the report.

It is always a good idea to submit the report, especially if you can provide some information about what you just did when the crash occurred. But, even without additional information, submission can get it on our radar, and also help us to see how many users are being affected by any particular crash.