After I build from GitHub, can I remove my solution's local UE4 files?

I created a C++ project using the Epic Games Launcher, and later downloaded and compiled the UE4 source from GitHub. I then pointed my project to that version of the engine (using the “Switch Unreal Engine version” context menu command). Everything seems to work fine.

I then removed the UE4 directory from my project, and rebuilt it without error. Is this okay to do? I figure it’s probably not a good idea to keep a different, unused version of the engine code in my solution.

If that’s okay, can I also remove the “Programs” directory and the projects within from the solution as well? Or will I still need my local copy of those?

Thank you.

Confused by “I then removed the UE4 directory from my project”.

Typically, the engine source and binaries are stored separately from your project source and binaries. A totally different directory. Also - the same engine is used for multiple projects.

Hope that helps.

You can uninstall the binary version of the engine if you are going to build it from source.