After cooking content, the original blueprints can not be opened by a third party?

Probably a very basic question, but I am new to unreal so here it is: After cooking content, the original blueprints can not be opened by a third party without the project files, or at least not without a lot of reverse-engineering?


I’d like to have confirmation about this too.
(As Cooked projects in UDK did not mask Kismet…)

I hope bumping this is not against any rules. I would really like to know.

What do you mean by third party?

Shielding your BP code / keeping it secret from end-users / other developers etc…

I was thinking third party tools (hex editor).

You could try opening the cooked blueprint as a test, But someone who is determined to find out how it works will do so eventually(unless he gives up first).

Sure, code obfuscation is never perfect but it’d be good to know if its visible by default.
In UDK PC packaged games at least, Kismet visual code was ultimately always visible.
So do UE4 packaged projects strip out ‘naked BP’ for all possible target platforms?

I think I will try to find a cooked BP of mine as a test.

Putting the cooked content in that pak archive will probably remove the “low hanging fruit”, I believe the pak tool can open them after the packaging tho.

I have posted a question on the answerhub:

So far only one answer:

But the person is not an EPIC official so I am not sure how well it is protected.

By 3rd party I mean someone trying to rip your work. I am not sure how easy it is to reverse engineer compiled C++ code but I am sure it is far more complicated than finding out how to unpack a packed file. Could someone from EPIC clear this question?

C++ gets converted to assembly, So the person will have to know at least a little assembly or have a tool that can make sense of the data and reassemble it to some degree (IDA decompiler).