After compiling UE 4.22.1 I can't package to Linux

Hello everyone, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

After compiling the last version of UE 4.22.1 I can’t package to Linux from Windows 7, and give me a lots of errors but the first line say:

UATHelper: Empaquetado (Linux):   LogTargetPlatformManager: Error: Invalid target platform specified (LinuxClient). Available = { AllDesktop, MacClient, MacNoEditor, MacServer, Mac, WindowsClient, WindowsNoEditor, WindowsServer, Windows, Android, Android_ASTC, Android_ATC, Android_DXT, Android_ETC1, Android_ETC1a, Android_ETC2, Android_PVRTC, AndroidClient, 
Android_ASTCClient, Android_ATCClient, Android_DXTClient, Android_ETC1Client, Android_ETC1aClient, Android_ETC2Client, Android_PVRTCClient, Android_Multi, Android_MultiClient, HTML5, IOSClient, IOS, TVOSClient, TVOS, Lumin, LuminClient }

" Invalid target platform specified" And no linux listed here :-O.

Environment variable is well pointing to “/v13_clang-7.0.1-centos7” folder.
UE interface shows in project preferences all the SO marked and available.

What can I do to include Linux as available SO? Is a missed thing during UE compilation in Visual Studio?
I’m really stuck here.