After Build Light everithing wrong!!

HI!! I’ve got avery bigproblem. I’m an architect so i’m new in Graphic Engine.
I insert on the scene my static mesh (and i try to recalcule normals)
foliage etc…
I try to give occlusion and a nice evening light. Before to build everithing the scene is ok, i really like it but then i’ve got a lot of problems. I lost the shadows of the trees and also the occlusion and the shadows of the mesh is not so good.
Mesh color (normally white) became multi color. I think that is a post processing problem or the SkyLight or Skysphere or the Directional light… I don’t Understand. First screen is before to Build the light, second screen is After that.
Please help me!!

best regards


Hi Giovanni,

This looks like your lightmap resolution is set too low. Everything looks correct before because it’s using Dynamic lighting to give you an idea of what your shadows will look like when built. Having a low resolution for your ground mesh will prevent the shadows from baking properly from the tree.

Can you post a screenshot of your 2nd UV for your Lightmap Channel along with what resolution has been set?

Also, we have some basic setups for lighting troubleshooting here in our Wiki Guide: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you!