Advice on Mesh Texturing / Composition


I want to create two house meshes, and each one has some windows. I’d like to reuse the same window for each house. So I modeled the window first, but I’m not sure about best way to place the window into Unreal. I came up with two options:

  1. Leave holes in the house meshes where the window goes. In Unreal, create a blueprint for each house and place the windows in their expected location. The benefit here is that I can texture the window separately. The downside is that there’s more vertices, and more would have to be loaded.
  2. Merge the windows into the houses and import them together. It seems like this would be much more difficult as I’d have to re-unwrap the window and redo the texturing, but there is less vertices and only a single mesh to import.

What would you recommend as the approach for this?