Advice on assets for a beginner

Trying to make a basic level for a fps type game, but I need asset models, materials, etc. I also have 3ds 2015, is there a way to get free models that are easy to export to UE4?
Or do I have to make most of them up myself? I’m doing a basic school level and I need lockers, desks etc. Just need advice for a beginner on creating new objects, I haven’t really used 3ds before but it doesn’t look too difficult.


That’s an expensive bit of kit you have bought, for someone who knows nothing about 3d modelling I’m surprised you paid out for something like max2015 (unless it’s a student license ofc).

As for advice, there are a ton… literally hundreds if not thousands of youtube videos on how to get started in 3ds , search youtube for beginner 3ds tutorials and how to export to FBX in 3dsmax (for unreal).

Here are some websites where you can download models that you can export to the UE4:



Hi Gambla90,

has suggest some good sites to visit for free and paid models. If you’re looking for specific models you may find yourself out of luck when it comes to what’s included. If you don’t mind what models you’re getting, I can tell you that if you ‘Migrate’](https://wiki.unrealengine/Migrate_content_between_projects) assets from our Content Examples you’ll get a plethora of assets to get you started. You can do this for all the other content examples as well. The only things you would have trouble migrating would be anything that is tied to any C++ code as it will migrate the Blueprint and the asset but not the C++ code that drives it. An example of that would be the weapon from Shooter Game or the Minion walker character from the Strategy game. Migrating the assets like walls, floors, textures and such shouldn’t be a problem at all!

I hope this helps you get something going.

If you want feedback on your level once you get it started or any help feel free to post your questions here and the level you’re working on in the WIP section.