Advice needed

Hi Wonderful community

I am busy prototyping a concept at the moment and ran into a wall, if possible can you perhaps provide advise on the best and easiest methods to achieve the below:-

  1. (See Concept.jpg attachement) In theory I would like to spawn a Flexible hose that is attached to object A, the other end of the hose will be in the hands of the player pawn. Player pawn will walk over to an object (Object B) and attached it to the object. The hose needs to extend as the player moves further away from object A. - Similar to that scene in Half life 2 where the power cord was unplugged and you have to plug it in again.

  2. I would like to increase the volume of a cylinder via making 2 Variables public and changing the parameters to either Increase Length or Diameter, how would one go about implementing such a thing as to actually scale the mesh accordingly? ( Morph targets came in mind but I am not sure)

  3. How do I stop this texture from tiling?:-
    Dropbox - Error

Thank you for your great help community.