advice needed about a temple-run like game

Hi, I am new to game programming and BP of cource. I want to make a temple-run like game as an exercise. I am wondering when the player turns left or right, will it be better to rotate both the player and the camera or just rotate the map? Are there any common practice there in game programming?

I would absolutely say go with rotating the character and camera. If you set the camera so it always tries to use the character’s rotation (a standard property on the camera), you only need to rotate the player.

Characters are designed to be moved and rotated, their functions optimized. Plus, it’s rotating one thing instead of a couple walls, spike pit, trap…etc.

Out of curiosity, are you planning on generating the map as you go or having one static map? I haven’t done anything with generation yet but it seems it could be tricky. When I played Temple Run I found myself examining how the game functioned and I found it only generated the current section you were on and the next potential sections. This means you could take 4 rights and be in a completely new place (because by the time you leave a section, the game has already forgotten about it).

Anyways, good luck in your project!

Thank you for the advices. I will try to rotate the character.

And I just followed the tutorial here:
In this video, the map is generated dynamically two blocks ahead.

Oh, neat! I’ll have to watch that some time to see how it’s done. Random generation has always interested me.