Advice help on Physics hanging strip light (like a swing)


Been messing about with the Physics and so far made a swinging cable that I can attach various ends too, no problem.

However, I am having difficulties with going a step further and implementing a strip light that hangs from two chains on each side…like a child’s swing I guess.

Hopefully somebody can help clear a few issues up…getting confused?

I had originally managed to get it all working - I think. I configured it in the Physics browser…Phat is it? Problem is it fly’s away when I press Simulate BUT if the Physics asset is in the level and I press play to run around in it the physics work fine. Hence I configured it all on the biases it works fine in game. So why is this different? Maybe FPS?

Anyway, my next step was to create a blueprint from the Physics Asset and enabled Physics as a ‘Physics Actor’. When placing the BP in the level the light fly’s away (like it did in Phat). The same now also happens on the stand alone Physics actor put in the level…it works fine before?

I think my set-up is wrong in Maya, which is where I export my assets from. I read somewhere that Maya needed the Z axis going up. When I do this and then re-orientate my mesh and re-import the Mesh into Unreal the mesh is 90 degrees the wrong way?

I also may have my bones pointing the wrong way? Dont know if this matters, with my hanging cable I started from top and simpley ended at the bottom. However, with my hanging strip light I made a few bones going along the light body, then then up the chains on both sides. Will this mess stuff up, maybe Unreal is trying to swing the bones down and it makes the Physics freak out…hence the flying light!

Basically if somebody can explain the best method to rig my mesh up in Maya and why Physics act different in ‘Simulated’ and ‘Play’ mode that would be great.

Thanking in advance.