Advice from Apex Cloth users

So I have finally messed around with Apex Cloth enough to kinda know how to get started. I am using Apex Cloth for my character’s hair and I have a few questions, but first here’s what’s going on:

[video]- YouTube

As you can see his hair is sticking, is that because of something happening during the painting process?

His hair looks like it’s leaning forward too much and you can’t see his eyes, it that because of the latchtonearest setting? When I add the material to the hair (in maya) the underside of the hair is wireframe so painting there effects the opposite side. Here’s a picture:

If this is effecting my character in any way, how could I fix it? I am very new to maya but I know my way around the interface a little.

Last, Any suggestions on how to make this look a lot better?

did you watch the apex cloth tutorial with the trench coat (even tho its UE3 apex is the same)? Thats probably the one I’d rewatch b/c I think they talk about sticking.

I’ve seen it and I’ve used it. Exporting and Importing doesn’t really seem to be the issue. Its stretching in different spots, perhaps its the spots that overlap with the character’s body?