Advertising Art Assets in Forums

Hey guys.

I am 3D artist and animator. I am creating and selling art assets for games. It is animated characters, locations, props, animations.
Of course these days my main market target is Unity game developers. I am selling in Unity Assets Store and have my one web shop as well.

Is it legal to advert here my new assets and annual (Easter, Christmas…) sales, as I do it in Unity forums.
If yes, in which forum I can post?


me. necturus

I think that Epic will want you to sell the items in the Marketplace as opposed to elsewhere on the net - but I don’t see why you can’t post updates to your catalogue on the official market place? Going to have to wait for a mod to check out this post.

You mean to sell it in my Store under tag “subtle for UN4” or something like that?
Its possible, indeed. But advertising on forums also very important. Why actually not? :slight_smile:

Just post your ad into the got skills section, because there people search for 3d artists/models :wink:

Thank you. I will! :slight_smile:

Seems you are new to UE 4. So better make sure your assets work well in the engine before you start selling them. They just do not drag and drop in like Unity so certain things may need checked just as a heads up. :slight_smile:

Yep, especially a 2nd uv channel is important, otherwise the enduser will get some annoying light errors :wink:

I see. I will take a look on documentation, sure.
But actually I am selling assets together with original files as well.
It is defiantly assets made for games. And some game developers can change technical things in original files as they like and export. In the meaning time.
Or they can ask me and I will do it for them.