Advanced Vehicle import/replace (Solved)

Hello Folks,

I’m currently trying to get a 100% working template I can export from 3dsmax into UE4 with all the elements of the Advanced vehicle, for example, wheels, suspension, steering rack and other elements.

I’ve now been bashing this for over a week trying desperatly to get this to function perfectly as the “original asset” so that I can continue to add my own library of vehicles and modify as needed, I am currently coming up with a few problems which some I seem to have found others talking about but still to no avail.

Main problem is as many of you know, when you export the Double Wishbone Suspension Vehicle from UE4 to FBX and import into 3dsmax all the meshes are attached, this was my 1st problem and took me a few days to seperate each element, rename accordingly and setup the hierarchy before UE4 would let me import without crashing.

I have conquered that bit 98% and now imports into UE4 but the several problems I have are listed below and would be really greatfull if you guys could offer me some help here to get it working which in turn I guess will also help others as I’ll be happy to upload this to save others having tp spend many hours seperating meshes, renaming & Hierarchy.


  1. Wheels are partially under ground
  2. Hubs are rotating very wierd and not acting how they should
  3. Steering rod/rack is not moving correctly
  4. Randomly undrivable (possible collision) ?
  5. Suspension not moving , however wheels moving up and down as if it is working

If anybody can offer help here I thank you in advance, I can upload the *.max file if needed as this is only the default, saying that is there a working max file for the Double Wishbone Suspension Vehicle ? with all parts seperate.

Many Thanks
Cecil B


Bits working:

  1. Hubs are now turning correctly with wheels perfectly.
  2. Scale of mesh and import is correct.
  3. Wheels underground are now fixed.
  4. Drives ok so far

Bits not working (help needed)

  1. Suspension meshes are not moving but suspension is working according to the way wheels function but nothing visual is happening.
  2. Steering Rod not moving at all, when I try to link to parent/children it moves on 1 Hub but doenst seem to work properly, I’m guessing I’m attaching to wrong part ?
  3. Strange… Back Read drive shaft appears in 3dsmax & in UE4 but when you hit “Play” you don’t see the mesh ?

Any help on these items will be greatly appreciated

Cecil B

++ Well with Zero input and help :slight_smile: - I have manged to sort this out, I can now import my *.max rigged advanced vehicle fine into ue4 with it also woring with the existing template.

Now for adding a nice library of vehicles, fingers crossed all goes well and I hope to post up some screen shots soon. If there is anybody else looking at this with problems, feel free to shout and I’ll offer any assistance in what I have learnt in helping others.

Until next time … Cheers :slight_smile:

Cecil B

If anybody has this issue, please feel free to shout and I’ll be happy to offer assistance as I know how frustrating it is not to get any replies or help.

Job done :slight_smile: - Ermm thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, how did you manage to replace all the parts with your model?


The main issues is if you are trying to “ReImport” the mesh/skeleton then you need to ensure the Hierarchy of the bones struscture is exactly the same as the original vehicle.

I do suggest you do a total new import of mesh & skeleton, this way you can make whatever changes you need to on the Hierarchy yourself rather than trying to match. It took me a while to figure this out but I got there in the end, I was a littlr frustrated nobody gave any help and input, whether this was pure ignorance or whether it was a case of in a hidden kind of way saying… work it out yourself but anyway I sorted it.

If you need any help here please let me know, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll do what I can for you.

Kind Regards

It sucks that there’s not an easier way to just import the a mesh on top of the skeleton like unity does. It seems like a huge hassle to have to redo all the skeleton components especially for the advanced vehicle since there are so many layers. I may just try with the basic vehicle for now.

Once you have the method it’s quite simple as you can rig and setup your skeleton for whichever vehicle you do via the AnimBP

I’m having the same issue. I have a FBX model of a vehicle and it is not rigged. Can you be kind enough to explain step by step, the way you imported your vehicle into UE? Please help.

I also want to know the complete process. Can you explain it here or it would be nice to make a tutorial about this and share the video link. Thansk

Hey guys, I’ve been away for a long time from UE4 and just getting back to it, I’m looking at doing this again and can’t remember for the life of me half of it. Soon as I attack this section I’ll try to document this.