Advanced physics and the Unreal physics engine

Hi All,

I’m looking to create a billiards simulation /game. To that end, I need to be able to create a sphere that can spin, curve, impart spin to other spheres, etc. All based on where the sphere is hit. I have gone over the documentation on the unreal physics engine and don’t see anything that resembles this functionality. I seen a game created (at least in part) with Unity that does have these capabilities. Can someone tell me if I can import a custom physics object into unreal that could accomplish this, or should I be looking at a different game engine? Any help is much appreciated.



I think it should be able to do it by default–you use a physics material and that would have settings like friction, so my guess is that if a ball is hit in the right way, the way it would in billiards that it would spin. Have you tried testing it?