Advance Vehicle System Vs Drivable Cars: Advanced Multiplayer Pack

I’m looking to create a combat racing game and want arcade style vehicle physics in multiplayer.

Both look good to me. But I am unsure which would be the base to start with. I played both demos and both had things I liked and disliked. Anyone have any advice or thoughts on these packs?

I am going to add weapons to the vehicles and add destructible armor to the vehicles. I want the players to be able to upgrade and build upon the base vehicles, they can go either to a faster more offensive vehicle to a heavier, more defensive vehicle.

Might not be the answer you were expecting, but depending on far you want to get with this - watch this first on GDCVault. The game you’re going for is one of the hardest to get right. Those packs may be an ok start, IDK which I tried. But there is a huge amount of skill involved. Once you move on from play-testing on LAN, I wonder how well either of those work in practice. :wink:

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Thanks. I have a lot to consider.

I’m going to hold off and see how the Chaos vehicle progresses

Seems sensible. Maybe look into the network prediction plugin as well.
The forums are a bit of a wasteland compared to what they used to be.
However, there’s still occasional posts from a few knowledgeable devs.
So seek out threads like this, and see what’s on the Marketplace too!!! :wink: