ADT-1 K1 Android Builds

When 4.5 is released can we get some information about the Open GL ES2 + AEK rendering for Android. I have a ADT-1 with the Tegra K1 chipset and tried by game on it using the standard Android build with the preview and had no lighting whatsoever. I saw in the 4.5 news that the new pipeline demoed at Google I/O in June was merged in. I don’t know if it’s in the preview build but if it is I would really appreciate how to make a build with the normal rendering path. I’ve spent a lot of time (before 4.5) trying to implement the normal rendering path on Android but have been unable to yet.

Any assistance esp. once 4.5 is released would be appreciated.

Same here.

There was a post in the 4.5 announcement thread. Here is what to do.

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Hey there guys. Here’s some more info on the 3.1 stuff.

Do to the way 3.1 support works, it needs a separately compiled executable. We are investigating a way to have ES3.1+AES support and ES2 support compiled in the same code, but for now it needs separate code.

Since we didn’t want to inflate the Android library/binary download size quite yet, we did not release ES31 binaries. If you want to play with it, you will need to compile the code yourself with support for it. It is controlled by this .ini section (you should have one in your project’s DefaultEngine.ini).


We didn’t expose this in the editor since it isn’t quite ready. If you have both of those set to true, it will compile 2 times for each source file. There is one final issue with it where both ES2 and ES31 will link to the same executable, as the fix for it will cause other issues (we will need to query GL support from Java before we load our C++ code, which is a bit tricky). I would highly recommend turning on es31 and turning off es2 for now.

Hope this helps!

FYI the Nexus Player announced on wednesday uses an Intel processor instead of the K1. Right now the only announced K1 devices are 3 tablets (Nexus 9, Nvideas own, and the MiiPad).