Adrift - made with Unreal 4 - How to place Earth in background as this video

Just curious as to how to get the Earth in the background of a stage like this?

is this done with the skydome?

I personally would do it either

-with a plane and a earth texture (my team uses this technique for our moon)
-or a sphere + texture :slight_smile:

But you can also integrate it into your skydom texture -> but I think the upper suggestions are easier

You could do it with a texture in the skysphere, or in a skybox, but you wouldn’t get any parallax effect. Depends on how much movement is available to the character. If they can’t move too far perpendicular to the planet, a texture is fine. If they do, then you’ll want a bit of parallax so it doesn’t look fake.

Probably the best way to do that is to cheat it with an actual Earth sphere. The sphere should be big, but not actual size. It should also be far away, but not actual distance. By being smaller and closer, you’ll get the same basic depth effect, and as long as it’s decently far away from the camera, it shouldn’t be obvious that you’ve cheated.

I want to see your moon… link me

I like the way you think…thanks buddy

Rotating Earth view at night

pretty **** good… how did you get the reflection from the sun on the edges of the earth. Was the lights of the countries a material? clouds?