Admob not work

Hi, guys

I’m trying put a ad banner, but not work it.
I did

  • checked " Enabled google Play support"

  • I have a account in Admob and Ad Unit IDs

  • I putted in Ad Mod Ad Unit IDs, my ID banner “ca-app-pub-1836043259932067/1445931635”

  • I created a Event construct, add a node show ad banner and index 0.

  • Compiled with development option.

  • I used the .bat to install apk inside of phone.

The game is working fine, but not work ad banner.

I’m trying several time reading this doc.

I’m sorry by my english.

Thank you !!!

Make sure the package name matches the ad mod ad unit id.

Worked now !! Problem with Google Play License key, I guess.

Thanks !