ADK Modding Contest Extension!

What will be interesting is if the ARK devs “cherry pick” content from mods to add to the main game. Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest for the contest? Not saying there’s a “problem” just posting an idea/observation for debate

Actually, I’m pretty sure there is a line somewhere that specifically says the devs do intend to take content (or at least ideas) from mods they like, and by publishing your mod, you are giving them an unlimited usage license.
It doesn’t say anything about how this relates to the contest, but I guess they’ll hold off on contest entries until after it’s over.

Oh I wouldn’t mind if my content or ideas were taken at all. But if that’s what made my mod “special” wouldn’t that reduce NY possibilities of winning? The official tram that votes may not see it as original. Take the roofing mod that was implemented, even if he were to release it for the contest, isn’t its impact diminished?

Again not ranting at all, just a healthy discussion

I am saddened that I have such a great mod now and had to post a previous one to meet the original deadline since this one wasn’t as completed. sigh And can’t change the entry no more. poo.

It’s a good thing I can’t participate, because I am gonna have to make my mod literally from the start for the fourth time now.
And all because of random errors and mistakes that could easily have been avoided with the most basic amount of documentation. Which there is none of.

So if there is a game update that breaks your mod,/submission your not allowed to fix it and reupload it ?

Yes so make sure you submit it like an hour before the deadline to minimalise the risk of ark updating, even tho that will happen 3-5 times a day

And you’d be lucky if the ADK was up to date in the first place.

How about extending the mod contest a little longer! I would love a chance to win in the contest, but i have come a little late in the game and my mod idea would kick ***.

I doubt they’re going to extend it again, it annoyed people the first time they did it, and I doubt Alienware would agree to another one.


The DevKit is constantly lagging behind the game, so most worthwhile mods will end up partially or not at all functional, which does not provide a healthy environment for any sort of contest.
They shouldn’t have held one in the first place, but since they did, the least they could do is try to make things fair.

Granted the contest should never have existed, but it’s also how SOTF should not have been made yet. It’s not Wildcards decision either way. Alienware has the purse-strings here.


The hell it isn’t their decision, they saw money and decided to have the contest. They could have easily said “No, it is not ready for that.”. But they didn’t and that is ever so much their decision no matter who holds the purse strings.

You do realize this is sponsored by Wildcard, right?
Dell stands to gain nothing from hosting it, and they’re not the kind of company who would spend 15 grand (a laughable sum for such a large corporation) out of good will.

I was referring to the extension? That’s not Wildcards decision. Alienware needs to agree to it.

They wouldn’t be involved if that were the case.


Anybody else having trouble finding the entry form for this???

There seems to be little or no way to get to this.

As far as I know your entry is the image that you upload with the description.

Yeah I suppose.

Just seems weird to me the way it’s set up.

Confused the hell out of me. :\

Hopefully all’s well, because the description doesn’t have the entry details.

So voting starts today, Where do we vote exactly and how does this work?

Here is an overview over all entries:

If you don’t know who you should give your vote I can not help you but while you figure that out subscribe to my Mod (Tribe Wars) and try it out. :wink: