Adjusting Matinee play rate in Behavior Tree

I’m using a behavior tree system for dialogue in my game, mostly based off of the tutorial from Reid’s Channel. I’m also using Matinee for the cutscenes (I’m using version 4.23, and I’m planning on sticking with Matinee over Level Sequencer unless I have to switch) and I’m using an event trigger inside the matinee that pauses the matinee at that point. Then, the dialogue box pops up on screen.
Basically, I’m trying to make the cutscene pause when the dialogue box shows up and resume once the player clicks through the text.
Problem is, I’m pretty new to Unreal, and I’m not sure how to create a Behavior Tree task that adjusts the play rate / resumes any given matinee. How would I create an instance editable variable to reference any given Matinee and adjust it inside the task?