Adjusting a blueprint for a sentry gun so that it rotates in the correct places

I have been given a blueprint for a sentry gun to apply to my own model. However in this blueprint I believe that the yaw and the pitch of the gun are both set up to pivot from the same point.

The problem is that I want the barrel of my gun to rotate from a separate point. How can I adjust the blueprint so that the barrel of my gun rotates on the pitch correctly? At the moment it just sort of floats forwards.

Here is a diagram of where I want the gun to rotate. It works fine rotating on the yaw and tracking the player, the only problem is with the pitch.

Sentry Gun Rotation.jpg

And this is the part of the blueprint that is specifically for the pitch of the gun (as a whole and then zoomed in)

Pitch Blueprint.PNG

Pitch Part 1.PNG

Pitch Part 2.PNG

If you need to see any more parts of the blueprint or need any more information please let me know. This is my first attempt at working with blueprints so my understanding of them isn’t great.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: