I update UE Tools addon for run in BLender 2.72. You can download form the Main Page: Greetings!

Hi Geodav, I’m working in a new feature for the Addon for add an armature from the HeroTPP (Witch I consider the “standard” armature for UE4) but with Ik/FK/ and some controls and properties for the rig.

I think can be useful too for many reasons, avoid re-target in UE4, easy animate new character with the “standard” armature, or just for create a basic animations for the blue guy for testing proposes (my case)

So I’m digging the python code for bones and armature and I know how to do the batch rename for the bones, but for what propose you want this feature?

I appreciate your feedback because can be useful for planning the UI the functions etc…

BTW: Sorry for delay (bad moments on my life but I’m back!)

BTW2: Would be a problem if I include the blue Guy Mesh with the addon? my idea is have the option for add the armature or the armature with the blue guy because in the future I think I can create something like the plugin for Maya , for adjust the bone positions etc… and create new characters, and the blue guy seems perfect mesh for this propose


These new features work for other armatures too, basically I add a rig and controls for the rig to the “standar” skeleton from the HeroTPP, and some buttons for only export the “deform” bones only along with the character or the animations. For other armatures , I add a feature for recognize the “deform” bones automatically (search for bones that deform some vertex) and other for mark the bones you want to export manually. Also some tools for create and remove actions from the 3d view.

Someone at epic can tell me if I can release it with the blue guy mesh? if I distribute the addon with the new features I also need distribute a blend file with the rig and the hero Mesh (of course for free, like now).
I need request permission form someone or somewhere?

Here some screenshots:


I have a problem with faceted objects, looks like normals are smooth after export, can you check please?

btw, I am using this on daily basis to export, nice addon!:slight_smile:

Hi TDoro](, the addon Export the objects with "Smoothing " = Faces

I never thought it could be useful to export the object without the smooth faces, but of course …normally I not do low polygon art and stuff like that

Give me some minutes , I will include a check box for use Smoothing faces or not on export options :wink:

Super, thanks!!:slight_smile:

Ok done :wink:

Can download from the main page or use this [direct link]( 2.72).7z)

The check box is under “tangent Space” option

Thanks for notice me you problem !


Thanks Lui, I will update asap!:slight_smile:

Hi Lui,

Finaly updated for 2.73

Thank you

Hey Lui,

Does this autorig characters similar to the ART tools in Maya?


Lui, the link point to old file, which is identical with last version, did you forgot to update the link?

TDoro]( I not change the number version but the update is there, is a small update, I will change the number version in a few days when I finish the animation tools.

Hi** HeadClot**]( With the animation tools I basically want quick way to load the "standard skeleton " for use the included animations by epic with other characters and something for export only the bones that deform geometry and not the whole rig…Also for create new anims for tests etc with the blue guy

Today I will resume work in that direction, I have been a couple of days with PC fans molten, and I could not test anything in UE4.
I had problems with the roll of the bones, but I think this is solved and that the animation can now be exported correctly when the “standard” skeleton is used

But Yea, I was thinking in do it some tools similar to the tools in maya, for create different characters and skeletons from the same rig with sliders and all that stuff for readjust the bone positions with sliders or something… no idea how or what to do … I need revise all videos for the plugin for maya.

First finish this then I will see, other thing that I have in mind and some tests done is a button for export a pre-made physical animation as skeletal animation.

Hi** ChrisTm**]( If I’m not mistaken, I think the version for Blender 2.72 also worked in version 2.73, at least I did not have any problems, if you have some let me know so I can fix if I can


BTW: Morning!
BTW2: Also I had in mind an option for choose what type of character append to the scene , first person or third person (really for now I have not seen the skeleton on first person but I suppose is similar if not identical, to the third person skeleton

@Lui, For sure you did not update that archive, is the same like old version compared bit by bit. I’ve also put that in Blender and the new stuff don’t show up. Can you recheck please?

TDoro]( You were right, sorry, now the file is updated on the server, I added letter “b” to the name of the script ( (the compressed file has the same name)

Thank you so much for this! Before the newest update it was unusable for my low poly purposes because of the smoothing issues, but the latest update fixed it all. Excited to be working that much faster!

That’s it! Thanks for update Lui!:slight_smile:

Looks interesting. Will have a look at it when i work with blender the next time (:

I guys I just update the Addon, now is version v1.2 and include the tools for the animations, I update the first post with a video and also you can check the documentation :wink:


Hi again :wink:

Manuel Odendahl did a patch to have the “add hero rig” functionality work on mac, I had a problem with the file paths (basically using “/” instead of “”) and only worked on windows. I update the addon on the server


Blender 2.74 is out and have some changes for the fbx export so i update the addon to meet the new API. Also I made a couple changes

  • In this update I remove the check box for export with or without smoothing shading,The new blender version export take into the account the normals of the faces by default , so is fine , if you have flat shading in some faces and smooth in others , will export correctly. ( if you need select face or edge when export for smoothing , let me kno
  • The new Blender version also have an option for bake the animation in all bones, this is good because avoid a big problem with the locations of the bones, I show this problem on the animation tools video some days ago and how I deal with that but we don’t need to do anymore.
  • Also I made a change on the workflow for export animations and characters. I remove the pop ups asking for rotate 180º because I found I don’t need anymore. I append the Hero (so facing -y) and I just press export character and the same for the animations. I do some test with the hero and with MakeHuman rigs and work fine. If you find you need rotate 180º the character for some reason let me know , the code is on the addon , just commented, so ignored.

Also yesterday I made a video for show to someone here on the forum how create the animation and use the animation on the default character provided on the templates , so if you are interested take a look, just a couple minutes:

The download is updated on the main page of the addon but also I post a direct link here