Additive animation to make locomotion animations?


I’ve seen Additive animations used to make walk and sprinting animation on a FFP meshs in UE3. Is it possible to do the same in UE4?

So using a Idle animation as base and then apply a Additive animations to make walk and sprint animation?

I tried to see if I could get it to work, but i can’t even get my additive meshs to look correctly:


No matter what Additive anim type i choose the model still looks like in the screenshot.

Anyone know how to fix the additive problem and perhaps any ideas to how to setup the anim blueprint?

Are you looking at blend spaces ? : Blend Spaces | Unreal Engine Documentation (it would be 1d blendspace like third person move anim)

Yes I’ve tried that, but I still can’t get the additive meshes to look correctly.