Adding to or overwriting root motion


I am wondering if there is a way to add to the motion of ‘root motion’. For example, the character may be on something that is moving like a train or moving platform and you want to add that existing movement/velocity to that of your root motion so that your character doesn’t get left behind? I hope I have explained that clearly enough.

Any help would be great and much appreciated.


I think I may have been using a non-adequate method of attaching my character to a moving platform.

I have changed my approach and I am now playing with the Attach Actor to Actor node and noticed some strange behaviour when updating the player’s location immediately after attaching. if I connect an Attach Actor to Actor node directly (or very close) to a Set Actor Location/Move Component to then it goes kind of crazy, sending my character off somewhere in space and stretching him out. To make it work there needs to be a delay or sequence node separating the two instructions, essentially Attach > beat… > Move/update location.

To picture what I am trying to do, I attach the pawn to a moving object/platform, but the attachment comes a Tick too late so doesn’t attach at the correct location, so I do another instruction to update the pawn’s location. This seems to keep the inherited motion from the platform into the root motion of the animation.

If anyone knows of a better way of handling this please let me know. Could my strange results be a bug with the Attach Actor to Actor node?