Adding movement to a Blueprint with the parent class of "Pawn"

Hello, I’m here to ask about adding movement to a Blueprint with the “Pawn” parent class, and I’ve had issues attempting to do so.

Currently I have the inputs set up in the project settings, however when I attempt to use them in blueprints I can’t access any movement or jumping nodes. Nothing that I would need comes up.
I can access the input events in the EventGraph so I can add things to execute on button press, but can’t add the actions I want to them.
I attempted to get around this by using a Character instead, however that’s locked into a collision capsule when I want the player to be a cube, so clearly that will not work.

I want the player to be a cube while allowing a box-shaped collision while being able to move left and right as well as jump.

Pawns don’t have built-in movement components. Try using a Character class instead.

You could just add a box collider to put around the capsule collider.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try that out.