Adding Meshes to UE4

Hi Guys,

I have just paid for this - and a few others by this supplier! (only one dollar! Who can say no?)

Just wondering how to import these into my game so that i can use them?


415b0d476efded6de4270658846bf56df350c4e2.png Photo of the files inside the folder?

I dont know exactly if they are “game ready” but here are the steps:

  1. Open the obj file in a 3d progam like blender and add a lightmap -> (you dont have to do that when you use dynamic lights)

  2. Export it as a fbx file

  3. Now open the engine and import the fbx/obj file (disable import materials and textures) + all the textures that are included (I think it should be the tiff files, but I would have to see the pic to tell you which ones you will have to import -> but normally there should be a texture for the leaves and barks = normal and diffuse map)

  4. Do a right click into the content browser and create two new materials. One for the bark and the other one for the leaves. After that add the textures to them (drag and drop)

  5. For the leaves material you will have to do something like that:

  6. Now do a double click on your mesh in the content browser - assign your materials to the right material slots (right side of the viewport). Now in the window you should see the mesh + the displayed textures

  7. In the same window you will have to go to “collision” - capsule - select it - move it to the trunk

  8. Place it into the level and see if everything works (build the light -> when you get an overlapping uv error, you will have to do the lightmap part again -> this time the “right” way:

Post a pic of the result and after that we can improve some stuff (e.g a wind effect or some mesh improvements) :slight_smile:

Thanks Fighter for the superb efforts once again!

Managed to get my tree looking like this: Untitled4.jpg

As far as i know. You are much better off generating lightmap UV’s in UE.

Depends on the complexity of the model.
The UE4 unwrapper is pretty straight forward, so on complicated geometries, a handmade UV map is better.