Adding in degrees to rotation working with weird numbers

I am rotating a hub every couple seconds by 360/number of objects on the outside of the hub. If there are five objects then my limited math skills calculate that it should rotate 72 degrees. however the number i need to add in my blueprint is around 0.17125, which is no where near 72 and is not 72 in radians either. i’m trying to figure out how that number is working and why the expected number in degrees is not.

the timeline is a linear ramp from 0-1

If you want to use a timeline, you need to calculate your start and end values BEFORE you start the timeline.

You’re sampling rotation DURING the timeline, which will give you great weirdness… :slight_smile:

@ClockworkOcean i guess i was lose about when things are calculated that aren’t on the line of execution, and apparently unreal is too. setting the variable before the timeline makes my world much more logical and mathematical thanks!

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