Adding clothes to my character?


I’m creating a character in ZBrush, but I’m facing a problem:
I want my character to be able to change clothes in the game (changes boots, pants, etc.).
So I will create the naked base guy on ZBrush, but how will I be able to change player clothes in UE4?
For hats, for boots or other clothes that won’t be distorted I will just attach them to my mesh sockets, but for pants for example I don’t know how I will do it?

Any thoughts?


Hi Shelby,

This would fall more inline with something that could be done in Blueprints or C++. I’m going to move this to the BP section where you’ll get a more focused area. If you want it moved to the C++ section instead just let me know.

Thank you!


I would be very interested in more info about this topic as well.