Adding an existing function to an interface

My custom game state implements an interface but has a few other functions as well. I thought I’d add those to the interface but when I attempt to add those names to the interface asset I can’t because it says they already exist. Is there a way around it?

I could rename the existing functions so their name is not in use anymore but then every other class which was directly calling those function would use the renamed version and not the new ones, with proper names, also accessible through the interface. This approach is kind of messy and human error prone so I’d like to avoid it if possible.

Try restarting the Editor to clear the undo history.

You could have a problem however if one of your functions doesn’t have return values, because the interface implementation will have to be an Event in the EventGraph.

■■■■, I forgot about that… I guess I’ll go the renaming route, slowly and carefully.