AddActorLocalRotation is not rotating character c++

Hello everyone, im new to unreal engine I have the following issue. I am calling AddActorLocalRotation on my jump method

 void AsurivivorCharacter::Jump()
    UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("%f,%f, %f"), GetActorRotation().Pitch, GetActorRotation().Roll, GetActorRotation().Yaw);
    FQuat Test2 = FQuat(FRotator(85, 0, 0));
    AddActorLocalRotation(Test2, false, 0, ETeleportType::None);

and I have 3 windows open, one with the server and 2 with a client, however, only on the server side, every time I press space, my character rotates like is supposed to, however, on the client windows, when I press space, nothing happens but I see that log that it was called. I have to press it multiple times for it to actually rotate, unlike in the server window. any reason why that might be happening?
Any help would be appreciate it

Try seeing if AddControllerPitchInput works instead, I believe this is a replicated function.

That only rotates the camara :confused: