Add player model variations

Hi all,

I have been trying to find a way to add additional player models, so that me and my friends can create and import our own player models into a mod.
So far I have managed to succesfully import a variation of the default Human_Male_TPV model and managed to get the animation to work with the original skeleton. I created a subclassed version of PlayerPawnTest_Male and set it to use my custom model. Then I set that blueprint to be used as the default male model in my mod’s PrimalGameData_BP_MyModName file. I tested in game and it works for newly created characters with no errors.

So far so good, but I would like to be able to add multiple model variations. However, the array of Player Character Gender Definitions in PrimalGameData_BP is fixed to 2 items. It would be great if modders could add Male2, Male3, Female2 etc.

I would like to suggest a relatively simple extension, where each gender has a subarray of initial length 1. Modders can add additional items to this list, which allows the player to select eg. Male2 from a dropdown box during character creation (extend the current Male/Female buttons in the character creation UI). If no extra variations are available, it should be possible for current behaviour and data storage to remain unchanged.

I would like to request this as a new feature.
If anyone could point me to a workaround to allow different player models in the same game, I would also really appreciate it.