Add object to hand and throw.

I’m working on getting some blueprints worked out for a game I’m designing for a class. The idea is to be able to pick up an object (like a ball or rock) have it show in the players hand (3rd person) and be able to throw it. I would also like it to be something that if the button is held down for 3-5 seconds it will charge the throw making it move faster. I’m also going to try to make the players movement slower while charging the throw. I’ve watched a few video for picking up objects and charging the throw that have worked, but I’m not sure for to attach the object to the players hand. currently it just hangs around in from of the player all willy nilly. I wanted to get this part figured out before I started modeling assets for the game any advice or help would be great thanks.

You can use sockets to attach the object to the hand.

Open your character mesh and in the lower right corner there is an option to add sockets. Place it in the hand and name it. Then in your BP you can attach actor to socket (put socket name).

Hope this helps!

that sounds like exactly what i was looking for. Thank you