add local Yaw to Make Rot from Z?

ey up

im rotating an actor based on hit normal from a trace.
‘make rot from z’ produces the rotation i want, its basically standing on the surface the trace hits.
but im trying to control the local yaw of the actor.
here is the blueprint i have
i have searched around and tried lots of things, just not the thing that works in this situation.
how would i add local yaw?

any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Add Actor Local Rotation or Add Actor World Rotation?

thanks but i have tried that
if i set rotation, then add rotation it jitters between the 2.

what i need is to add local yaw to make rot from z before i set rotation, if thats possible

Maybe you can use this to add to the rotation:

for anyone else, here is the magic formula
thanks everyone :slight_smile: