Add Force to Move Sideways (Help)


I need help trying to figure out the best solution to make this ‘hovercraft’ move sideways without doing a 360 degree turn. I’ve tried this with torque but it hasn’t working out, and with this current code it moves does a 360 degree turn while also spinning in place like the force is itself is spinning around the object.

Do I example to show?

Interested in this too! :slight_smile:
I would like to force it to the position where the traceimpact is.
With transform it works, but i want it with add force at location or add force.
I would need info, how to make the impact point to destination point.

While there is yet to be an answer I’m going to be trying to apply the force based on the objects forward vector probably. Wanna try to work with me on it so we can help each other out?

Sure sir, but i am noobish at blueprints.
This “math-noodles” i made to get sideforce working proper.
But its only faked and its depending on your relative worldlocation. As you can see here(video). Above some coordinates the right (trigger at front right side)function works right, but when you turn the vehicle its left and otherwise, not proper.
Thats why i want to use force.
weirdness ahead.

When you use transform and you step onto the actor, its position moves under your(player char) feets away and it does not “feel/look” physical correct…
Forgive me worst case english. ^^
I tried to calculate the distance between time and impact point and set speed for that. Big distance bigger speed, till reaching desired location.
When i would know, how to use force and apply it along the local x coordinates along, all would be fine.
It seems that the force is always using some "fixed"point in Worldlocation.
I can change the point, but its a fixed point and not rotating with the actor.

You can show us the final result or the expected effect ?
If it is a video, better.

I would like to have the same working function like for Z (trace distance/ set distance), for local x axis.
How to make a video of something what not exists? ^^

Operational GravCycle

Have a look here>>>>

And here >>>

Cool ty, looks like a solution. :slight_smile:
Have you made it extra for the thread, if so “Thank you x 1.500.00 on all Z/y/x” :slight_smile: