Add Finished output execution pin on Widget animation PLAY node

I have a request about changing the way how to go about making the logic for the UMG animation. For now if there are actions that need to be taken when a certain UMG animation is finished, there has to be a dispatcher called ON ANIMATION FINISHED. This is a problem because it makes the whole logic a lot more complicated to implement and to follow.

For example I have WidgetA with two buttons (Btn1 and Btn2). Btn1 needs to create another widget (WidgetB) and send some initial input (set some variables) to WidgetB. But the BtnA shouldn’t create WidgetB until the animation is completed. And let’s say that Btn2 also has to create WidgetB with different initial inputs after the animation is completed. Then all the custom logic for each button needs to be put in the custom event that is bound on the ANIMATION FINISHED dispatcher.

What I’m proposing is that there is an output execution pin on the play animation Node that will be called when the animation is completed (same as the one on the Timeline Node). That way the logic will be more readable and simple to implement and understand.

Attached here is a screenshot describing the current and the proposed way of working.

Not compressed version of screenshot