Add Dynamic SM Components?


Is there a way to “Add Static Mesh Components” dynamically?
As you can see in the BP, I Have to add a complete new “Add Component” Block for every “New Mesh” + “New Material” I want to add.

Is there a way to use the Array dynamically with a flexible amount of mesh components?


P.S: Is it also possible to read the material index of an mesh an set them? F.e a mesh has 3 indices and should set 3 materials for that mesh dynamically.

Getting closer, but don’t know, if the socket solution is the smartest one, cause it’s static, not dynamic - also got issues to get the materials work in an array.

Any idea how I can set up the materials to the corresponding mesh array?

f.e = “Array 0” has “Mesh A” assigned and now I want to get the Materials of “Mesh A”. Tried it with Get Material, but I only Get the last Array Mesh.