Add Delay After Matinee Before Playing Again

Hey guys! I’ve asked people on this forum for help many times, and I’ve received the help I’ve needed. Just wanted to give back to the community, by sharing how do I do the following :

I’ve got a matinee of a door opening. I want it to play, and then to reverse but not immediately. Instead, I want the door to be fully opened and only then I can reverse it. Or I want to add a 1 second delay after the door has finished it’s opening animation, and only then I can play it again. I’ve seen many people doing that with variables, etc. but I came up with a simple way. If it’s a well-known thing, then pardon me - I’m only sharing this with good intentions, but from the countless tutorials I’ve seen on youtube, nobody uses it. Here it is :


I’ve tried with a Flip Flop, but it sometimes glitches. Just close the DoOnce on whatever you aren’t playing first. You can cycle through 10 different animations like that too - just connect the delay with the next animation to play. Hope this helps some of you!