Add collision preset for each UCX collision


i’m actually stuck with the colision system; My tree mesh is imported from blender with two _UCX collision on it, one for the Log, the other for the leaves.
My plan is :

A : to make my leaves colision only react with the mesh player (when my tree fall, the leaves don’t bounce on the floor and the player can’t see inside)

B: to make my log colision in “block all”

But i can’t find a way to change each UCX collision (that are in the same .fbx file with the tree mesh) with the presets i want. I hope i explained it right, pls let me know if you need more explanations.

Come on, i’m sure that’s an easy one… you’re able to solve this guy

Make the log and the trees a separate mesh, place them neatly together in a blueprint, handle collisions with both objects separately?

Or, keep them as a single object, give the collision box to the log only, and use a trigger volume for the leaves?

Both are very easy indeed ^^ thank you JoSf

edit : but this need to create a blueprint of the mesh, the problem is that i can’t paint foliage with it then…