Add childs in a different order.

So i followed the RAMA tutorial wich you create a scrolling list everyhing fine, but the thing is that childs get added from Up to Down direction.

First 1 , down the other 1.

But what if i want a diferent order ? from down to up is it possible ?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly manipulate the child order in a widget container. You have 2 options here:

  1. Create a temporary array and order insert/add/remove widgets there. Use that array to add widget children to a container. (you will need to clear the container first, and either redraw all widgets or just the ones whose order have been affected - some fiddling with the indexes will be necessary here)
  2. Flip the container upside down (render transform → angle 180), do the same for every child that you add

Use #1 if you need to add (insert) a widget at a specific index, use #2 if you need a simple inverted list.

i think option 2 sounds better i will try and tell you