Add child actor component rotated 180 degrees?

I’m trying to spawn buildings on the side of the road. I have only a left facing building, and would like to flip it 180 degrees when attaching it to the right side.

In the screenshot you can see that I spawn the same building once for the left and once for the right side. I couldn’t figure out how to have the second one rotated though.

I’ve just started using blueprints and still figuring out the basics, but I couldn’t find an answer for this when googling.

  1. ChildObject → AddLoalRotation(0.0, 0.0, 180)
    Other way: ChildObject → SetWorldRotation(ParentRotation * Rotator (0, 0, 180))?

Does anyone have an idea? I’ve solved it now by rotating the object it spawns on, but it would still be nice to know how to spawn something rotated. :slight_smile: