Add buoyancy to a non character parent class, possible?

  1. The character movement has buoyancy.

  2. Another pawn character classes haven’t.

  3. If I add a static mesh to a character parent class pawn, my player character can’t walk over it (a ship), he is always falling down/flying over the static mesh (the static mesh have custom collison made on Blender).

  4. If I add a static mesh to another class of pawn (non character), then I can walk over my ship (I have to turn on simulate physics), however I can’t add buoyancy, because I can’t add character movement and only character movement has buoyancy.

Then, to make ship I can walk over it, and also control/posses it, I need to make a hover ship to simulate the buoyancy. However a hover vehicle have a lot of problems, for example, my character can easily push it far away when he hit the wall of the ship, etc.

So, the question is: is possible to add buoyancy to a non character class or the only way is to improve my hover vehicle? I need to walk inside the ship when she isn’t possessed. Some have some suggestion?