add better support for Nexus 7 2013 /post your android devices here that run slow

the livestream talked about android devices and i wanted to (i posted it elsewhere before) but figured it post it here.

it was posted its a known issue (but the known issue was for the nexus 5 not the 7 i think) but porting the mobile temple to the device it runs rather sluggish and there is some odd motion blur issues when looking around. also there is an odd bug where it sems the shadows on the wall in the main temple open room with the large statue, are prebaked shadows as i removed parts of the scene rebuild the lighting and the shadows are still there, however, porting it to my tablet and the shadows on the wall in the main open temple room are gone.

also if you add text via the object to add text in game to display on surfaces or walls like in the content demo showcase the text does not show up when ported to the nexus 7 2013. Thanks!

i suggest for feedback anyone else who has issues with their android device list it here to provide feedback for them to improve thanks!

im just amazed i got it to run at all though :-).

also if you could have an easier option to remove the on screen joysticks or an option to remove them while a cutscene is playing would be nice say when mantinee plays a scene on mobile remove the joysticks till the scene is done?