Add an "Open in Visual Studio" option

When you right click on a project in the Library, a context menu is displayed with some options for the project, such as, Open, Clone, Delete, etc… I do most of my work in Visual Studio, so I’m wondering if Epic could add another option to the right click menu for “Open in Visual Studio” to open the project directly into Visual Studio. Obviously this option would only show for code projects. This would also be handy for situations were you can’t open the project in the editor due to some code related issue, so you just want to jump straight to Visual Studio. I’m aware there are other ways to get to Visual Studio, but I just think this would be a nice convenience to get there faster without having to go to Windows Explorer for example.

+1 Good idea…


I just bookmark projects on VS icon itself, then I right click VS icon to open a project quickly.
But good idea indeed.

Not a bad idea. I’ll give that one a go too.

I’m just so used to opening the Epic Launcher for anything UE4 related… then remember that I can’t get to my project in Visual Studio there.