"Add Adjacent Landscape Level" not appearing in context menu

I am sure I am missing something obvious, but the “Add Adjacent Landscape Level” menu item does not appear in the context menu when I right click on a terrain cell in the World Composition editor. I am trying to layout tiled terrain (flat to begin with) so I can use the World Build tools to sculpt terrain. I do not want to use Word Machine for this, as I have a specific world design I am trying to achieve. Here are the steps I have been following:

[1] Enable “World Composition” under World Settings
[2] Add new layer
[3] Create new terrain (save it) and assign it to the new layer
[4] Open the World Composition window and right click on the terrain to get the context menu.

However, none of the “Landscape” options appear in the context menu.

Not sure what I am overlooking. Any assistance if appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey I’m having exactly the same issue. Were you able to fix it?