Adatpive game music - "Puzzle edition"

Here’s a demo of an upcoming pack i’m working on:
Another “adaptive game music” (see the previous one I have already published!)

In this pack I have made several loops (30 sec long) that can be seamlessly chained / played togeter one after the other. There will be several variations:

  • intro loop (to be used e.g. before starting the level/gameplay, in the intro screen)
  • background music (3 different loops)
  • full mix with melodies (3 different full mix background music + melodies)
  • melodies will be available in separate tracks, so you can mix each background loop with each different melody
  • transition to/from “hurry up”
  • background “hurry up” loop
  • full “hurry up” mix loop with a melody
  • separate “hurry up” melody to be mixed to the background “hurry up” loop

how does this sound to you?

would you like to help me and comment my work? in particular I am looking for some suitable images/cover to present this pack in the unreal marketplace, or to some video recording of actual gameplay on which this music can be effectively used. If you can help me I will grant you a free pack once it will be published! :slight_smile:

I have setup a full watermarked demo for this pack, let me know if you are interested!

In your opinion, in which kind /style of games could this pack be used? I had in mind puzzles, brain games, casual platform games… but maybe you have other ideas or you can be more specific! :slight_smile:


I have submitted the pack to unreal marketplace.
if you have some further comments or if you can help me with the graphics I will grant you this collection for free!