Ad revenue with Google Play Store

So I was looking into putting an ad into games/applications I develop in UE4 to put on the Google Play Store using google adsense. Reading over their terms and conditions under the “payment” section (Google AdSense - Terms and Conditions)

Written in there is “Unless expressly authorised in writing by Google, you may not enter into any type of arrangement with a third party where that third party receives payments made to you under the Agreement or other financial benefit in relation to the Services.”

Maybe I’m understanding this wrong but does this mean I will not be able to pay Epic the 5% I owe them on revenues I make from google ads and therefore I wont be able to publish my free applications with ads?

That is curious language; I’m not sure what they’re concerned about or exactly what they mean. Certainly Epic’s royalty requirement still applies though, including in-game ad revenue.

I’m not able to give you legal advice on your legal terms with Google. Maybe you can try reaching out to them for explanation? I’d definitely be interested to hear what they have to say.

Hey thanks for your time, I tried reaching out to Google but as far as I could get was an answer form as well. (Apparently I should be using Admob rather then adsense but there similar) I agree Epic’s royalty requirement but I’m just trying to do it legally.

Does epic have any partnerships with Google since I know you have released some free games on their play store? Someone was trying to help me out by saying “If they qualified as a reseller, then they’d set up something that would work in a similar way to what YouTube’s Network Partners do. The network partner places their ads in the video of the person whose been invited to their partnership, and then the Network Partner pays the video owner themselves.”

They also stated “I would assume that once adsense makes their payment to you, and the money is in your bank account, you can pay whatever bills you want to pay with it.” I just don’t want to assume and find out later I was wrong.

Is there any other developer that uses you engine to make apps on the play store with ads? I would think I wasn’t the first person to do this. I wont be releasing anything for at least few months yet but is their anyone else that is better to talk to about this or perhaps later?

Thank you.

FYI here is my question of the google answer forum:!mydiscussions/adsense/7mENw_3sGlA

I had a look at the other forum, thanks for posting. Gracey’s interpretation of the Google language in question is a reasonable read on the ambiguous language. Again, while I can’t give you legal advice, that interpretation makes sense to me versus the more extreme interpretation you raised.