Actors should have a GenericDamage event and OnTakeGenericDamage delegate

Currently, the built-in damage system has three types of damage events. It has a base damage event, a Point Damage event, and a Radial Damage event. When an actor receives any damage, if its point or radial damage, those events are fired and then the catch all event “AnyDamage” is fired. If a damage event however is not a point or radial damage event, the only event triggered is the “AnyDamage” event. If you wanted to only catch the damage events that are not point or radial, there is no way to do this easily in Blueprint without a lot of ugly custom filtering logic.

It would be incredibly handy to have a new type of damage event that is only called for damage events of the base damage event type. I propose GenericDamage and OnTakeGenericDamage as the event names, but I don’t really care what their names are, it would just be nice to be able to catch these events.