Actors randomly moved on Streaming level?

Hey fellow Devs,

I have a level with level streaming enabled and several landscape tiles important. I had one particular streaming tile with objects, foliage and another landscape. Today i rebuilt geometry and lighting on this streaming level separately, and ever since, when loading it into my persistent level (with level streaming enabled), the streaming landscape tile is correctly positioned, but my extra landscape and all the object are placed far away from their original position. The streaming level tile appears as “changed” waiting to be saved.

Are there any ways to fix it and have the tile load correctly?

The landscape in the background is in the correct location, but all foliage and objects are misplaced.

Thanks for your help in advance!

P.S: Opening up the individual streaming level shows the objects in their correct location.

Is the origin of the streaming level at 0,0,0? Have you tried rebuilding the whole level at once?