Actors location, drifting apart from each other


I am successfully spawning several actors in my scene using the level blueprint. The actors are all spawned at the same x y z location. I converted the actor into a blueprint and in there I act on an overlap event, setting the position for this actor. This works. But what I would like is that all the actors drift slowly apart so that they do not overlap anymore. But how can I achieve this? Using the tick event. How to make sure not all actors drift in the same direction endlessly, because the overlap event is continuously firing?

Many thanks in advance!


Are the using physics and have collisions on?

Physics are off (gravity off), collisions are on (CCD - continuous collisioin detection - on), I attached a screenshot of my settings. The overlap event is firing.



And this is how my static mesh blueprint looks like (shapes sphere blueprint to be exact). Only one actor is moving away from the others. The Overlap variable is private so I expect it is created per static mesh blueprint instance.

I suggest you add all of your sphere to an array, and maybe move all of the items in the array rather than moving each individual item itself, this solution isn’t very direct, but it works if you cannot fix it via other methods.

Thank you, I will give your idea a try. Although I would still like to know why my blueprint above is not working. I think the problem is related to the Event Tick event…

After some research I believe that using the Tick Event for animation is not a good solution. I’d rather use a timeline…

Does turning off Sweep help?

No, it did not change anything.