Actors getting deleted randomly on collision

Hi there,

I didn’t find something similar but I need some help with my project. I have a map on which I have objects with physics that I can pick up and throw around. Problem is, that very often when I pick up the object and throw it somewhere it gets deleted from the stage. I cannot figure out what might be the reason so I will really appreciate any help with that.

Did it disappear from the Objects panel? Or is it just not visible any more (outside of the cameras clipping volume?)

Depending on the speed of the actor it may be not detecting collision and falling out of the level. But changing its collision to use ccd seemed to fix it. Not sure this is what your experiencing

Hi again,

I’ve managed to figure out what was causing the issue at that time - objects were going too fast and were going through walls between frames. Now I have similar issue, but the item gets deleted while being attached to handle - I will try CCD collision tonight and let you know if it helped. Thanks for advices!

Hi again,

I’ve tested everything what was connected to collision, but today I was told by one of the guys who created the level that they put pivots far far away from the actual object, so the whole level created in Maya, all the separate objects, had pivot point at 0.0.0 - when changed this to be in actual object, nothing like deleting objects happened again. Topic can be closed.